Correct light in the communal stairway or spend a night in the cell!


As we know emergency lighting is crucially important to the overall maintenance of a building. 

21/06/2018 - NIRVANA NEWS

We have heard it all in the aftermath of Grenfell Tower and as a nation, we’ve learned the hard way.

The most common theme of neglect we have noticed is within emergency lighting. This tends to fall afoul in the ongoing maintenance of a building. “When maintenance takes place there is minimal attention as to how the emergency lighting is affected. This could be something as simple as changing a lamp's type or its colour which could have a negative effect on the emergency lighting design.’ - Darren Waitson, CEO of Nirvana Maintenance explains.

Another aspect which was noticed recently was the failure to take note of an emergency lighting audit in a fire risk assessment. In the event of a fire, the authorities will seek records of assessments making this a serious breach if not recorded.

There are many different ways you can break the law with incorrect emergency lighting, here is just a few examples;

Not performing a risk assessment
Failure to comply with the current safety standards for emergency lighting installations
Non-compliance with current safety standards for emergency lighting products
Non-compliance with current standards for emergency lighting and testing
Non-compliance of emergency lighting structure in the event of a refurbishment

We all know regulations can be boring but at Nirvana, we know them inside and out. This means we can help property managers to comply with industry regulation and keep their residents at the forefront of our service.


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