High maintenance or low effort?


"An effort a day keeps failure away"

21/08/2018 - NIRVANA NEWS

Metaphorically speaking neglect is a lonely road to nowhere. The block management sector is a people business, so we should start realising that our buildings and their residents have feelings too!

There are many good reasons why you don't have time for high levels of maintenance, however, the need for high maintenance can be as a result of lack of long-term effort or bad organising.

Why should you obey to high standards?

It’s cost-effective – as they say, ‘prevention is better than cure’.
Reduces insurance claims – A famous Bill Gates quote “Treatment without prevention is unsustainable”.
For compliance reasons- Complying with health & safety authorities.
It’s a legal obligation – As a landlord/freeholder, you are obliged to keep your development up to a specific standard. As a leaseholder, you are obliged to contribute to the upkeep of the building.
Promotes pride inside and outside your building
Safety of residents- As we know not adhering to health and safety measures can cause serious and life-threatening situations.

Planning is key in helping your residents enjoy the property as was originally designed. Planned Maintenance Programmes help leaseholders and landlords to budget for work when it is needed. A Planned Maintenance Programme (PMP) is a real benefit to property managers, as it helps them to prepare well in advance for treatment, whether it’s major or minor work.

As we can see from the above, your building is high maintenance for a reason and it’s important it receives as much respect, love and care as if it were part of your family.


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