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High maintenance or low effort?

"An effort a day keeps failure away"

Metaphorically speaking neglect is a lonely road to nowhere. The block management sector is a people business, so we should start realising that our buildings and their residents have feelings too!  


The Batman and Robin of Fire Protection 

Batman and Robin were synonymous with teamwork, with one being a better warrior than the other. Passive and active fire protection in a different context share similar comparisons. There is never a bad time to make sure your fire protection systems are working in tangent to help save lives. There are two types of systems that you need to be mindful of – Active Fire Protection (AFP) and Passive Fire Protection (PFP).  


Correct light in the communal stairway or spend a night in the cell!

As we know emergency lighting is crucially important to the overall maintenance of a building.

We have heard it all in the aftermath of Grenfell Tower and as a nation, we’ve learned the hard way.

The most common theme of neglect we have noticed is within emergency lighting. This tends to fall afoul in the ongoing maintenance of a building. “When maintenance takes place there is minimal attention as to how the emergency lighting is affected. This could be something as simple as changing a lamp's type or its colour which could have a negative effect on the emergency lighting design.’ - Darren Waitson, CEO of Nirvana Maintenance explains.  


Here are our most asked questions and answers

Nirvana are exclusive to the block management sector and provide a range of services including fire defence, electrical, mechanical and general maintenance. Nirvana was created to give property managers one supplier to entrust with their residents’ safety.

Nirvana are a family run business and those family values still run deep. We passionately care for our clients and their residents' safety.  

You can contact Daisy on daisy@nirvana-maintenance.co.uk alternatively you can send an email to enquiries@nirvana-maintenance.co.uk

Many property managers now contact us via Live Chat!

If you like to talk please call us on 01689 835 635  

We specialise in Fire Defence, Electrical, Mechanical and General Maintenance.

We receive enquiries for all kinds of reactive and planned services.  

We charge generally 20% below the market rate as price isn’t something we are driven by. We challenge ourselves on offering the best possible value.

A recent testimonial from one of our block management partners is a good example of this –

Philip Klein from KMP Solutions, “We have heard stories of other contractors increasing prices in recent months and it is refreshing that Nirvana have not only maintained annual price reviews but have taken the time to meet us and help us better understand fire defence and safety. This assistance is invaluable to us and the wider industry. We are so grateful for Nirvana’s passion and care for ensuring our properties always remain compliant and safe for our residents.” 

Definitely, on request, we have a number of references & case studies depending on your requirements.

Check out our testimonials and events page for further information.  

We do provide free advice, it’s important for property managers to know that they can pick up the phone and call us for advice on any potential issues they may become faced with. We’re here to help! 

We cover London, Home Counties and the South East of England, but soon we will be revealing our ambitious plans to expand into new regions across the UK.  

Planned Maintenance Programmes is something which as a business we advocate. We have helped many property managers with specific timelines with their maintenance requirements, which we can also provide a reference for if needs be. One of our motos is ‘prevention is better than cure’.  

It’s not all boring and mundane at Nirvana. We are a young, fresh and forward thinking company.

We don’t believe that it’s a fair exchange just to receive work orders and not provide something back in return which obviously must comply with both our own and clients ethics and code of conduct.

We have a monthly events group which is currently available for property managers to join. We guarantee anything from football, boxing, theatre shows, drinks gathering, go-karting, footgolf and much more. It’s free to subscribe for property managers and we select a limited number to join us each month.

If you and a friend would like to get involved, let us know.

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